During the summer of 1981, James Etchison attended Norman Grove Baptist Church for the very first time his life.  He was accompanied by his dear Aunt Fannie Johnson of Decatur, Georgia.   That particular Sunday the sermon was delivered by Pastor E. L. Ellison, Sr.  They were total strangers to each other.  The message that Sunday was about the Love of Jesus.  After the service ended James Etchison and his aunt shook hands with the Pastor and others, and then left.  Little did the Pastor and James know that this event would mark the beginning of a blessed beautiful spiritual bond believed by both of them to have been ordered by the Lord. His home church, Carters Hill Baptist Church of Loganville, Georgia, was having services only once a month at that time.  Therefore, he was able to visit regularly at other churches.  More and more frequently he was led back to Norman Grove by that warm and sincere Spirit of God in Rev. Ellison.  This Spiritual bond soon began to include the persons of Sis. Ellison, Deacons L. M. and Earnest Hill, Deacon Ralph Thomas, and the Assistant Pastor Rev. Naaman Murphy.  Before long seven years had passed.  It would not be until the year of 1988, God called him into the gospel preaching/teaching ministry.  By now, whenever he was not at Carters Hill, he surely would be found at Norman Grove being treated officially as an unofficial member with all rights, privileges and opportunities as anyone else.  When Carters Hill ordained him as a deacon, Norman Grove and Pastor Ellison accepted him as one of their own.  When Carters Hill licensed and later ordained him as a minister of the gospel, Norman Grove and Pastor Ellison embraced him as their own son also.  March 1993, the Lord called home his faithful servant, Rev. Etchisons friend, the Assistant Pastor Rev. Naaman Murphy.  Seven months later during the annual year-end conference, by the Grace of God, the Norman Grove Church family and Pastor Ellison extended whole-heartedly the honorable privilege to their son and the son of Carters Hill to serve as assistant pastor to the stranger whom he first met twelve years ago! Rev. Etchison is a very well-rounded individual whose work in love, wisdom, humility, courage, patience, joy, and self-denial.  He cares for the sick and the sorrowing.  Those in trouble know him as a friend who is always to be counted upon and he is always alert to be wherever he is most needed in these capacities.  He works throughout the church, and has held the offices of Vice Chairman of the Outreach Committee, The Advisor of the Prayer Band, and Vice President / Vice Chairman of the First Norman Grove Board of Directors.   Rev. James L. Etchison is married to his lovely wife Iris Etchison. This loving union has produced two wonderful daughters, two son-in-laws, and two extremely loved grandchildren.