Bishop Eddie L. Ellison’s mission centers around I John 4:8 God is Love and the entire 13th Chapter of I Corinthians, which speaks on charity (love). The most important characteristic of this man of God is that he loves God and passes that love on to others.  Even as a boy, he cared for the needs of others more than his own. He was born in Manchester, Georgia to the late Mr. Napoleon Ellison and Mrs. Clora Terry Ellison. He is the 2nd child of 8 children.  Pastor Ellison’s father died at a very young age.  As a young man, Eddie had to work to assist his mother with the younger children.  As mother Ellison grew older and less able to care for herself, Eddie would spend time with her to see that her needs were met.
Young Eddie accepted Jesus Christ as his personal Savior at the age of 9 and during his teens, he served and joined many auxiliaries of his home church, the Pilgrim Rest Baptist Church in Meriwether County.
As a young man, Eddie moved to Atlanta, Georgia. Shortly after moving to Atlanta, Eddie joined the Mt. Pleasant Baptist Church in Atlanta, Georgia. While serving at Mt. Pleasant, God called him into the Ministry to preach the Gospel.  He moved his membership to Zion Grove Baptist Church in Atlanta, Georgia. During the 9 years of service at Zion Grove, he was the president of #1 Choir, served on the Deacon Board, and served as Associate Minister.  He was called and served at the Promise Land Baptist Church in Atlanta. He worked to assist the Pastor to increase the membership tremendously.  He assisted with the renovations and rebuilding of the church. In 1979, the Norman Grove Baptist Church called and confirmed his appointment as Pastor of the church. Pastor Ellison and his lovely wife, Sis. Gaynell Ellison came with a sincere desire to administer the church according to the Word of God as he preached and taught the Gospel.
Under his leadership, the church has continued to be that beam of light which manifests Gods goodness to all mankind.  Rev. Ellison has moved the church in the direction of addressing the physical, mental, spiritual, and social needs of the community. First Norman Grove Baptist Church has grown immensely under Pastor Ellison’s leadership. Some indications of growth include: 1) increase in active members; 2) creation of over 25 ministries; 3) licensing and ordination of over 23 ministers; 4) renovations and additions to the church; 5) acquisition of land including the House of Hope; and several others plots of land around the church.
As the result of his faithfulness to the work of the kingdom that he so dearly loves, God has tremendously blessed his ministry. In 1995, God allowed Pastor Ellison and the church family to officially change its name to "First Norman Grove Baptist Church.
On January 12, 1998, the church was officially incorporated and chartered by the State of Georgia and we have our 501c (3).  Property purchases, building expansions and renovations have increased the church assets.  Pastor Ellison remains focused on service. It is rare to find a preacher who remains as humble as he is. Pastor Ellison still visits the sick and privately counsels members of his church family. He greets each individual member of the congregation with a warm hug and a kind word after every worship service.
Pastor Ellison and Sis. Gaynell D. Ellison were married at an early age and spent many wonderful and glorious years together. After two years of being a strong spirited and very ill woman, his wife and our beloved first lady, Sister Ellison, made her transition on August 8, 2008. The wonderful and exemplary marriage of Pastor Ellison and Sister Ellison produced six beautiful children. He is the proud grandfather of sixteen grandchildren and 4 great grandchildren.  God saw that Pastor Ellison was lonely and in need of a wife. God brought Sis. Marsha B. Hood into his life. By the guidance of the Holy Spirit and much prayer, they were married. She is a beautiful, Holy Ghost filled woman who love the Lord and her husband.